TinyGrab Sponsors Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival 2010
August 2nd, 2010
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TinyGrab: Proud Sponsors of Worcester CAMRA 11th Beer, Cider & Perry Festival 2010

For Release on August 2nd 2010

Worcester, 02.08.2010

Keyone Productions is today pleased to announce that TinyGrab, the application offering simple screenshot sharing to over 300,000 users, will be sponsoring the Worcester CAMRA 11th Beer, Cider & Perry Festival from 12th-14th August 2010.

The Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival is an annual event held at Worcester Racecourse, now in its eleventh year. The event is extremely popular: demand has exceeded supply in previous years, and with over 10,000 expected to attend this year, TinyGrab is proud to play a part in helping this local event to succeed.

TinyGrab, available at www.tinygrab.com utilises inbuilt technology on Mac OS X 10.5, Windows and iPhone to enable users to capture an image on their screen, and have it instantly uploaded to the Internet. From there, the user is given a URL automatically copied to the clipboard- making it easy to share with others. The application recently celebrated its first birthday, and with the iPhone app at the low price of £1.79 ($2.99), and Premium accounts enabling unlimited uploads and uploads to FTP servers available for £10, not to mention high levels of customer-reported satisfaction with the program; TinyGrab’s success is expected to continue into its second year.

Nick Cooper, partner in Keyone Productions, today said: ‘We are really pleased to sponsor and be part of the Worcester Beer, Cider and Perry Festival. Keyone Productions has always enjoyed partnering with local organisations, and this is a great opportunity for us to do exactly this.’

Chris Leydon, partner in Keyone Productions, today said: ʻPromotion is starting to gear up with TinyGrab as we look forward to launching our refreshed service in TinyGrab 2.0. We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes now for the past few months and we really want the whole world to be able to take notice of what’s to come.ʼ

TinyGrab for iPhone and premium accounts are now available. For more information, and to download the program, visit the iPhone app store, www.tinygrab.com, or email the TinyGrab team at info@tinygrab.com.

Keyone Productions is a creative digital media business specialising in creating online media content for our target audiences. Established in March 2006, and operated by the partnership of Chris Leydon and Nick Cooper, Keyone Productions has previously focused on high-quality film production and the creation of commercial promotional content, but is now adding web design and development to its extensive portfolio. Further information on the business is available at www.keyoneproductions.co.uk.

Nick Cooper, Partner in TinyGrab.


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  1. Joel Larson Says:
    August 2nd, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    Grats on the 300k milestone!