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October 25th, 2010
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TinyGrab 2.0 Launch Party @ Drop East

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OK, OK, we’ve listened to you. You were going to buy TinyGrab 2.0 anyway (naturally.) So why charge for the party? And we agree. So the TinyGrab 2.0 Launch Party is now at a new, fresh price of: FREE!

Everything we promised you yesterday is still happening: obviously there’s no free Pro licence for your money, but you no longer have to pay so that’s fine! Pro licences can be bought on the night, so bring your cash anyway and have a great evening on TinyGrab!

We really look forward to seeing you there. All we ask is that you sign up on Eventbrite ( – only people who are registered to attend will be allowed into this exclusive event. Come celebrate 2.0 with the team!

Nick Cooper
Partner in TinyGrab