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March 30th, 2011
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This is a quick response regarding a recent site-wide issue. At 19.38, 29th March 2011, a security hole was exploited in some old TinyGrab 1.0 code, spreading to open sections of our API.

This was an isolated problem with the API only. Your grabs and personal information are stored elsewhere, and hence are completely safe. In the interest of future safety, please ensure that you are using the latest version of TinyGrab. (Currently 2.0.x.)

Thank you for being patient with us. The situation is resolved.

Lawrence Job
TinyGrab Senior Developer

March 22nd, 2011
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TinyGrab Framework for OS X

Download TinyGrab Framework for OS X

For the past two years we’ve had one reoccurring requests from other developers, open up the TinyGrab API and allow other apps to feature simple screenshot sharing. With TinyGrab 2.0 we’ve redesigned our API from the ground up in order to allow third party developers to add TinyGrab integration into their apps. Our public API isn’t quite finished yet, but we’ve got something for you to play around with in the meantime.

From today onwards developers can download and play with the TinyGrab Framework for Mac OS X. Currently this framework will allow developers to have their apps upload images to the TinyGrab service, along with basic account authorisation.

We’re working on creating frameworks for other operating systems, iOS and Windows are next up, but at the moment we’re focusing on finishing up our public API and getting our native client apps released.

You can readmore about our TinyGrab Frameworks & Plugins at, or download the TinyGrab Framework for Mac OS X at

Chris Leydon
TinyGrab Founder & Project Manager