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July 27th, 2011
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As many of you noticed, the past few months have been very rocky for TinyGrab.  Starting with the first downtime in March, TinyGrab experienced a series of unfortunate events that made the application and the service embarrassingly unreliable.

Company 52 | Web and mobile application developersBut we are thrilled to announce that on July 8th, TinyGrab was acquired by development agency Company 52 and has begun a new chapter; one of stability and growth.  Since taking over 2 weeks ago, Company 52 has stabilized the service, solved nearly all of the outstanding problems that were making TinyGrab unusable, and dramatically improved customer support response time.

How does this affect TinyGrab users?  Only that TinyGrab is, and will continue to be, better than ever.  All previous purchases will be honored, current features will continue to be supported, and all previously working or incomplete / buggy features will be completed!  In addition, new feature enhancements are in the pipeline and will be coming soon.

Chris, Nick, and the TinyGrab founding team has done an outstanding job of creating the best and easiest screenshot sharing app + service.  They did such a good job that TinyGrab grew faster and bigger than they were prepared for, and they chose Company 52 from multiple offers as the best new owner to ensure TinyGrab’s long-term growth and stability.

Company 52 is a primarily US-based web and mobile application development agency.  Our small team of full-time designers and developers is geographically distributed, and has been developing very secure high-availability applications for the last 5 years.  We have already been handling all maintenance, programming, and customer support for TinyGrab since acquiring it 2 weeks ago.

As long-time users of TinyGrab, we felt the pain every other user experienced when TinyGrab became unstable.  Now that it’s stable again, we’re very excited about the new things that are in the works – including an updated iOS app with iPad support, a Windows Phone 7 app, and re-introducing premium subscription features and plans.  Oh, and there will always be a free version of TinyGrab!

If you became frustrated and gave up on TinyGrab over the last few months, we invite you to come try it out again.  We look forward to earning your trust again, and providing you great service!

Michael Poythress
CEO, Company 52

July 12th, 2011
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As of July 8th, TinyGrab is in the hands of new owners. Our first task will be stabilizing the app and helping current users via Twitter ( and in the support forums (

In the last few weeks, you have likely experienced several issues, including TinyGrab crashing, and the domain going offline.  All the domain issues should be resolved, and URLs in the format should now be working at this time. More related fixes coming soon.

Also, TinyGrab Mac version 2.04 is no longer crashing, and is uploading images normally. Please let us know if problems persist with this version.

We are committed to resolving each and every outstanding issue as quickly as possible, and will provide regular updates (and more complete explanations) over the coming days.