Simplicity is something that everyone strives for. Sharing is part of our human nature and making things smaller is just fun and efficient. TinyGrab was built from the ground up based upon these principles.

Imagine the scenario. You’re working on the layout of a leaflet and you want some advice on your current design. You COULD send the leaflet over in an email and wait for a response, or you could take a screenshot, have it automagically upload to the web and then have a direct URL to that image in your clipboard, ready to paste into an email, IM window or anything. TinyGrab does the latter.

Sure there are other screenshot sharing applications out there but do you really want a URL string that’s the same size as Mr Blobby’s waist-line? TinyGrab gives you a REALLY short direct URL to your images. Making it a perfect service to use in conjunction with Twitter.

TinyGrab utilises two exclusive domains to get some really short URLs. TinyGrab.com and Grab.by – Both short, elegant, fun and easy to remember.

For a one-off £10 payment, about the same price as two large coffees from Starbucks, you get unlimited access to the TinyGrab service. There are no restrictions, no ads, no catches.

Create a free user account (which gives you 10 free screengrabs a day) and you immediately have access to the full suit of TinyGrab applications. Login to your account at TinyGrab.com and see past uploads, delete them or upgrade your account to a premium account for a one-off £10 payment.