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February 16th, 2011
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TinyGrab 2.0: We're Almost There

February, the shortest month of the year. We’re great fans of short things here at TinyGrab, in fact it’s what started us out on this whole journey to begin with. Share your grabs with a short/tiny URL. However, sweet things tend to come in short bursts and we hope that February will give you sweet things in the form of TinyGrab.

Many of you will know of our now almost comical delay in launching TinyGrab 2.0 but you won’t have to wait for much longer. We’ve finished TinyGrab 2.0 for Windows, TinyGrab 2.0 for iPhone has been in the app store since December and this week the finishing touches are being put on the new TinyGrab 2.0 site… but what about TinyGrab 2.0 for Mac? It’s no secret that we’ve been plagued with development issues for everyone’s favourite and oldest TinyGrab app, but that all changed at the start of January.

Since the start of 2011 we’ve had two new team members join TinyGrab, which has greatly helped us in improving development speed. Erin Kennedy is our new Mac OS X developer, whilst Sam Gray has joined as our intern and plugin developer. Together they’ve both been working on getting a version of TinyGrab 2.0 for Mac ready to ship by the end of February, as well as a plugin for the Real Mac Software app “Courier“.

Sometime over the next few weeks we’ll be making existing TinyGrab accounts “TinyGrab 2.0 Ready”, meaning that they’ll be able to upgrade to the new system automagically when they login with a TinyGrab 2.0 enabled application. We’ll also be announcing the winners of our “How Do You Use TinyGrab?” contest.

In other news, February has also seen us switch advertising partners. We’ve left our friends and colleagues from Yoggrt Ads, to join the team over at Ad Packs, by Buy Sell Ads. We’re incredibly excited to be on this new programme and we look forward to working together for the foreseeable future!

Thank you all, as always, for sticking with us over these messy past few months. Good things come to those who wait, and we’re certainly aware that you’ve been waiting for a long time.

Chris Leydon
TinyGrab Project Manager

November 9th, 2010
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TinyGrab 2.0 Beta

Silence and secrecy is not something that we’re known for at TinyGrab. However with the recent TinyGrab 2.0 news and updates we’ve shrouded ourselves in a cloak of mystery, it’s time to step out a little bit and let you know what’s going on.

Development of TinyGrab 2.0 is about a month and a half behind schedule. There’s no hiding or denying that. We originally planned to launch a big beta testing programme on September 20th, but didn’t quite manage it. Allow me to explain to you the reasoning behind this.

TinyGrab 2.0 is a completely new system, built from the ground up. We have a brand new API and a completely new database system, because of this we need to completely overhaul our apps and the way that they work with our service. Every TinyGrab app has had to be rewritten to work with the new API and this is where the delay in development has taken place. We want to ship all of our new TinyGrab 2.0 apps at the same time, but some apps are easier to rewrite than others.

This week we are going to ship an open beta of TinyGrab 2.0, but a warning comes with this. Once you start using a TinyGrab 2.0 enabled app, you cannot switch back to the old system. It’s not possible. This is because when you first authenticate your account with a TinyGrab 2.0 app, we run a migration script to transfer your data from TinyGrab 1 to the TinyGrab 2.0 service. Our panel is pretty much ready to go and some of our apps are bursting at the seams with new features, unfortunately it’s not the grand launch we wanted to have.

Last week TinyGrab hosted a TinyGrab 2.0 launch party in London. The purpose of this party was to celebrate the hard work of the development team and to give the UK tech press a sneak peek of what’s to come. Now that we’re happy with the reaction that we received at the party and that the apps are stabling out, we’re ready to invite you to see and test TinyGrab 2.0 for yourselves.

I must thank you all for your patience and continued support through this troubling technical time. Let’s get ready to kick some ass.

Some of the features that you’ve requested for TinyGrab 2.0 that we’re going to roll out over the next week are as follows.

  • A better way to manage grabs with thumbnails / a completely overhauled Control Panel system.
  • Online folders / groups for your grabs.
  • Custom URLs for grabs. IE
  • SFTP, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files uploading support.
  • The ability to upload any file to your own server, with a short filename.
  • A new iPhone app with Facebook and Twitter sharing.

There are plenty more features that we’re working on getting ready and out over the next month, so for this period of time that we’re calling the ‘Open Beta’, we’re inviting all TinyGrab customers to upgrade their accounts to TinyGrab 2.0 Pro accounts for free. When the Open Beta is over you’ll roll back to your original account type, but we have a feeling you may want to pay the reduced subscription to upgrade to get all of the TinyGrab 2.0 features again.

Chris Leydon
TinyGrab Project Manager

September 6th, 2010
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TinyGrab 2.0 Beta

Sign up for the TinyGrab Beta at

We’ve been very quiet at TinyGrab over the summer. To some it may seem as though we’ve thrown in the towel and given up. It’s time to dispel these rumours. It’s time to show you what we’ve been up to. It’s time to launch the TinyGrab 2.0 beta!

TinyGrab 2.0 was originally announced in April this year – we were aiming to have launched the new service by late June / early July, but unfortunately this didn’t come to fruition. There are a number of reasons why our 2.0 launch has been delayed: we’ve had a mass team shakeup and we’ve completely rewritten the entire TinyGrab system from the ground up. TinyGrab v1, to put it simply, just can’t scale. All of the issues that currently affect TinyGrab arise because the original TinyGrab system was built to cope with around 3,000 users. When we launched TinyGrab in July 2009 we had no idea the amount of critical success that we’d have. TinyGrab 2.0 has been written with scalability in mind. We can quickly add new features to the new system without having to break it, or take it offline, every few weeks or so. TinyGrab 2.0 is the system that we envisioned right from the start.

Our web service isn’t the only part which has undergone a rewrite – so have our desktop apps. In terms of UX there have been so many changes since we last updated our apps. New apps are coming out regularly, apps which change the game space in terms of UX; we’ve had to take account of this and build these changes into our own apps. Every single user request for TinyGrab has been listened to, weighed up and we’re proud to say you’ll find most of them in the new system.

Today we’re launching the TinyGrab 2.0 beta. TinyGrab v1 was all about simple screenshot sharing; TinyGrab 2.0 is social screenshot sharing. We’re looking for the best beta testers out there – we don’t want those who are going to use it once or twice, we need passionate people who can provide us with helpful feedback. If you think you’ve got what it takes to join the TinyGrab 2.0 beta team sign up for an invite over at – if we think you’ve got what it takes to handle the next generation of screenshot sharing, we’ll shoot you an invite to our super secret beta.

The system is still buggy in places, so we’re starting out with a very small testing team. Don’t be offended if you don’t get an invite right away – we just want to make sure that everything works.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sending out beta invites to those who signup to the TinyGrab 2.0 beta list, as well as revealing new features, giving video guides and announcing pricing plans / changes. It’s going to be an exciting month for TinyGrab!

Chris Leydon
TinyGrab Project Manager.